Mango Coconut butter emollient and moisturizer with high content of fatty acids, essential to skin's,very rich ,but easily absorbent,mango butter is an essential component for hydrating body and face and hair detangle. This butters,lotions and creams,is a leave on.could be applied wet or dry.a deep conditioning hair mask,daily maintenance for hair and body                                         

No Paraben or Sulfates
No Preservatives
No Artificial Fragrances
No Animals Helped or Were Used in Product Testing

Warning: This product contains ingredients that are all natural, but may cause a mild reaction in those who may be allergic to nuts.

Mango Butter 6 oz

  • on wet hair- part hair in sections and apply a nickel to quarter sized dollop (depending on hair length/density) from root to tip.  for maximum moisturizer, take a nickel sized dollop after you apply the butter to sections and apply to ends of hair on entire head.massage into